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With "Metaverse Ready"
Nedd supports brands
in the Metaverse

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With "Metaverse Ready" Nedd supports brands in the Metaverse

With its expertise in immersive technologies, Nedd launches the "Metaverse Ready" offer to help brands discover and create value in the Metaverse.

As a partner of Meta (Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) and Snapchat, collaborating with Apple, Google and Niantic on immersive projects, Nedd is at the forefront of the development of tomorrow's digital platforms.

From strategy to production (DEV and 3D) through design and animation, our agency helps brands choose platforms (Meta - Horizon Worlds, The Sandbox, Decentraland, Roblox, Fortnite...), create and manage brand presence in these universes, design and produce skins and avatars, but also offer and market NFTs.

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The Sandbox

In The Sandbox users can buy virtual land, build 3D environments but also buy avatars, skins, accessories and many other things in the form of NFTs. With all these transactions, The Sandbox platform has exchanged more than 120 million euros since 2019.
META - Horizon Worlds

Announced at the end of 2021 by Mark Zuckerberg and launched in the United States and Canada at first, this virtual world is designed to become the social network of the future. Accessible in Virtual Reality, it allows users to come together to conduct an incredibly diverse number of activities.

Within the Decentraland platform, users can create, experience, and monetize their content and applications. From conference or commercial spaces, to art galleries, to family homes and hangout spots, Metaverse Properties offers land in premium locations for individuals, enterprises and institutions.

Fortnite is both a game and a social experience in its own right. With its events called Party Worlds the platform is able to gather millions of people to attend a live concert (e.g. Travis Scott's), giving people a way to make new friends and share moments in a new way.

With Roblox, it’s the community of creators that develops all of the game experiences and social events. This community-based approach makes it an ever-evolving world that puts the user's desires at the center of everything.

Zepeto is the most visited metaverse in Asia, where users buy Gucci and Dior clothes and accessories for their 3D avatars. The avatar creation system is extremely advanced, allowing a very high level of customization.