Social AR: lenses and effects for Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

Create impactful, fun and shareable experiences!

Become a movie character, try on the latest makeup and jewelry or lose yourself in an interactive minigame accessible and shareable directly on Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram.

Lenses and Effects alter reality by adding 2D/3D accessories (e.g. hats, glasses, make-up, wigs) or fully transporting the user into a virtual environment.

And some triggers (such as tapping the screen, opening the mouth or raising the eyebrows) can prompt an animation or swap an asset, bringing the experience to a new level of interactivity.

Examples of lenses and effets designed by Nedd

Snapchat and Nedd, a partnership at the service of brands

Snapchat has been booming and gaining popularity over the last years, becoming a social media phenomenon (with 188 million daily active users).

Snap is also a pioneering company in the field of Augmented Reality, which has democratized its use through its "Face Lenses" and "World Lenses" (70% of Snapchat’s users are activating AR Lenses daily).

That's why Nedd is proud to be a partner of Snapchat and to work hand in hand with their team to create Lenses for many brands around the world.

To see examples of Snapchat Lenses created by Nedd, click here.

Amazing results

Over the past few months, Nedd has made Snapchat Lenses for many brands (Louis Vuitton, King, Blizzard Entertainment, McDonald's, Clinique, Kenzo...) reaching millions of people with each campaign.

Nedd's teams can pride themselves on breaking records regularly. While the average playtime for a Lens is generally 15 seconds and the sharing rate 2.5%, Nedd's Lenses have an average of 28 seconds and a sharing rate of 4%.

As for the most popular Lenses made by Nedd, the playtime reached 132 seconds and the sharing rate 16%!

Nedd also creates Lenses and camera effects for Facebook, Messenger and Instagram

With AR lenses and camera effects, brands have new ways to reach users across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger.

Technically speaking, Augmented Reality experiences on these platforms can be almost identical to those of Snapchat Lenses.

That's why Nedd frequently works on cross-platform campaigns for different brands.

For the "Dazzling Venice" exhibition at the Grand Palais (a famous museum in Paris, France), Nedd created a Lense available on Facebook.