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Nedd creates the next generation of brand content

Immersive Marketing offers many ways for your brand to create innovative and engaging experiences

Thanks to Augmented Reality, anyone can be transformed into a character from your new campaign, try on your new product or be fully transported into your brand’s universe — all in real time from a smartphone!

As for Virtual Reality or Mixed Reality, they allow us to create the most spectacular events, as well as innovative in-store animations to drive traffic and increase your brand’s memorability and preference.

From design to production and distribution, Nedd is the ideal partner for your immersive experiences and services.

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Explore different ways of using immersive technologies with Nedd

AR and Social Media

AR effects and Lenses on Snapchat, Facebook, Messenger or Instagram are very efficient tools to improve brand awareness and create engagement.

AR and eCommerce

AR radically changes eCommerce by allowing users to view products at home with their smartphones. This has the effect of both increasing conversions and reducing return rates.

AR portal

AR portals allow users to be virtually transported into a new environment. This solution developed by Nedd works both in-app (iOS and Android) and on Snapchat (Portal Lens).

AR / VR for events or specific locations

AR and VR can be used to improve in-store experiences or to stand out during events thanks to truly interactive and entertaining content that people love playing with!