Did you know that it was possible to play a video game inside a bottle of water?

Well, it is now thanks to InnerFlow.

This app for tablets automatically detects the size and placement of your bottle. You just have to look over the cap to start playing !

InnerFlow is still at an experimental stage, but if you are a developer we give you the opportunity to play with it, by offering you the source code.




The Tour de France


Lost Track


Visual Arts


The dressing room


Video game


Nedd is a digital innovation agency, founded in 2011 by Vincent Vella, Bruno Samper and Siegfried Rouanet.
The agency is based in Paris and Montpellier (France).


This is a revolution without precedent. The Digital era represents a radical cultural shift - a profound change in the way our societies experience, narrate and invent the world. It also rapidly impacts the relation between consumers, brands, products and services.

Nedd rethinks brands presence in the era of new technologies. The agency invents and produces contents, platforms and services that enable them to build new relationships with consumers.

In tune with constant changes in the media and technology landscape, Nedd helps brands to engage in an ongoing dynamic of digital innovation.


Innovation is a phenomenon of creative improvement that can manifest itself through products, services, processes, social practices, technologies, distribution methods, etc.

The common feature of any innovation is that it brings a decisive advantage facing competitors. Decisive in the sense of « making a decision » : the one to change habits, buying preferences or perception.

In the era of what Brian Solis calls Digital Darwinism, innovation is no longer a luxury reserved for just a few companies, it has become a sine qua non condition to the success - and sometimes survival - of most of them.


While most digital agencies are direct descendents of « traditional » advertising agencies, Nedd is conceived as the missing link between design agencies and tech companies.

Based on needs and behaviors of users, Nedd combines creativity and technology to change the way people connect with brands.

Nedd also assists companies in innovation management through the implementation of working methods designed to create the most favorable conditions to develop digital innovations.


- Strategic consulting
- Seminars and workshops
- Design of contents and connected services
- Multiscreen communication (desktops, smartphones and tablets)
- Apps and games
- Connected objects and interactive terminals


After his contemporary art studies and an early career as an Art Director (working with Palais de Tokyo, Shift, Hint Fashion, Ora-ïto, RADI Designers, Neen), Vincent definitively moved to advertising by joining the agency La Chose.
He rapidly moved up the ranks as Creative Director and integrated larger communication groups: Publicis, Euro RSCG, WPP. There he delivered innovative solutions in digital, experiential, social media, events, and traditional media.

Vincent’s creative solutions have aided in the increase in popularity and business success of some of today’s most iconic brands including Orange, Evian, SFR (Vivendi), Renault, L’Oreal, Lacoste perfumes (Procter&Gamble), to name a few.

Recently, he participated to the success of the Evian Rollerbabies campaign, which entered Guinness Book of Records as the mostviewed online advertising ever (over 140 million views).

In just a short few years, Vincent received numerous prestigious industry awards including Cannes Lions, Epica, Cristal Festival, Golden Drum, Webby Awards and FWA. He has also helped many brands in their move to the digital age, raising their awareness about the new and evolving behaviours of the consumer.


After studying art and semiotics, Bruno founded the online magazine in 1998, and with many artists he explored new opportunities offered by a media still in its infancy: the Internet.

In 2001 became Panoplie studio, a company that develops digital interfaces and multimedia productions for cultural institutions and brands such as Kenzo, Arte, the french Ministry of Culture, the Palazzo Grassi, Veuve Cliquot, Ubisoft, Orange, Lagardère, ING Direct or Rolex.
The studio gained a solid reputation and received numerous creative awards for its work: FWA, Art Directors Club, Golden Hits, Webby Awards, SCAM price, etc.

In parallel, he also developed interactive fiction, games and persistent worlds. Thus in 2002, Bruno designed « Society », the first online game to have been acquired by the National Fund of Contemporary Art.

In recent years Bruno has also worked on Cinema productions: in 2008 he wrote the film « The collectress », a Franco-Lithuanian coproduction (Lithuanian film Festival Winner - Best Film in 2008), and in 2012 he is both co-writer and Art Director of the film « Vanishing Waves » (which won 14 awards worldwide, including a Méliès d'Or at the European Fantastic Film Festivals Federation).


Before becoming the art director of Panoplie Studio, Siegfried was a professional triathlete. He has retained a taste for discipline and performance: a desire to always push the limits of his art.

In 2001, eager to explore all possibilities of the digital design, he co-founded Panoplie Studio and designs innovative interfaces for prestigious clients : Kenzo, Arte, the Ministry of Culture, Palazzo Grassi, Veuve Cliquot, Ubisoft, Orange, Lagardère, ING Direct or Rolex.

His will and talent enabled him to win numerous creative awards including those in the ranks of the FWA and Clics d’Or, a prize at the Art Directors Club, a Webby Award, the prize of best cultural website at the « Narrowcast web content award ».

Always looking for new challenges and new territories to explore, Siegfried now oversees the visual design of all the interfaces produced by Nedd.


112, rue Réaumur
75002 Paris
tél.: +33-1-77-15-26-32


1, rue Général Maureilhan
34000 Montpellier
tél.: +33-4-67-15-33-42



Evian is known for its campaigns starring amazing babies, that symbolise the Live young spirit promoted by the brand.

This time around, Evian decided to express this state of mind in a new way, by completely transforming the experience of the microblogging service Twitter.

With Melotweet by Evian, Twitter ceases to be a tool to become a musical toy.

Designed for iPad and Android tablets, Melotweet makes you interact in a fresh new way with your timeline, while retaining the key features of Twitter.


The Tour de France

If fashion is a cycle then it's no surprise that Le Coq Sportif is back in the saddle as the official Tour de France equipment provider, producing all the leaders' jerseys : the yellow jersey, polka dots, green and white.

To celebrate, we launched a digital platform adressed to « La Grande Boucle » supporters, with at its core a website wich was both a communication tool, an e-commerce platform and a social media aggregator.

This website - developed with html5 - allowed users to travel through the history of this legendary event, with many archive images, but also to discover (and buy) the yellow jersey and the new lifestyle collection.

Finally, a section of the website displayed each content posted on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag #LeCoqTour, encouraging supporters to share real-time informations about the race and its sidelines.


Lost Track

Since its launch in 2011, Sosh (part of Orange France) invents new ways to connect artists with their fans (and with the Sosh community).

For this, the brand works closely with artists, engages fans in a fun and unexpected way, and relies strongly on the favorite tools of the digital generation : mobile and social networks.

The operation « Sosh Lost Track » with Wax Tailor fits perfectly in this approach.

The pitch? A few days before its release, one of the tracks of the album « Dusty Rainbow From The Dark » by Wax Tailor has mysteriously disappeared... What if only the Sosh community was able to find this unreleased track?

During three weeks, thanks to a mobile application, each player should build a team of friends via Facebook, solve puzzles, and geolocalize notes of the «Lost Track», scattered across the city.


Visual Arts

At Nedd, we develop bespoke solutions for brands, but we also create and market our own products.
« Kronopedia – Visual Arts » is one of them.

This iPad application contains every important artist and personality of Art history, by dynamically sourcing and quoting informations, texts, images and resources from Wikipedia.

Thanks to its innovative visual interface, Kronopedia allows you to explore Art history in a fresh, accessible and totally intuitive way.


The dressing room

Who said that young fashion designers' work could not be accessible to the greatest number?

During the Fashion Week, in March 2012, ARTE TV was partnering with Esmod (a famous Fashion school in Berlin) and Elle magazine, and opened its own « dressing room ».

The idea? More than one hundred and fifty pieces and unique accessories were designed by Berlin students, then grouped in our digital platform to allow users to compose their ideal outfit.

Winners were selected both through public voting (via Facebook and Twitter) and by a panel of professionals, and won their tailor-made and unique outfit!


Video game

Presented at various exhibitions, Profusion is an adventure game that takes place on a microscopic scale.

Involving exploration, dialogue and reflection, it offers an evolutive gameplay, related to the skills of the manipulated populations. Indeed, with Profusion you won't play a character, but whole species : you'll have to think as a multitude, and not as an individual.

You'll need to exploit the ability of primary digital creatures to collaborate, according to some simple rules, so they could coexist, reproduce and evolve.

More than just a game, Profusion is an experiment on artificial swarm intelligence.